Suction Paint Labs: Match 3 Physics Block Game

Suction Paint Labs: Match 3 Physics Block Game

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Suction Paint Labs: Match 3 Physics Block Game

Exciting physics based falling block meets match 3 game! Have fun, free to play!

Maneuver the falling paint blocks to the right positions to match 3 or more blocks of the same color to score. Blast blocks out of suckers to combine paint blocks creating Power Blocks and new color combinations. Power Blocks have different abilities depending on their color. Create all 7 colors of Power Block and learn how they can help you master the paint lab.

Help the paint lab sort and mix paint blocks so it can supply the world with paint. Play the game levels to learn the game and hone your skills and then challenge your friends on the leaderboards.

Game Features

  • Over 80 fun levels with more in development.
  • 60 achievements to earn by showing your skill
  • 18 different leaderboards to post high scores and compete with friends
  • Blast blocks together to create 7 different power blocks and unleash powerful fun effects
  • Varied level win conditions with 4 unique types of challenges
  • Earn and use powerups to make the story levels easier
  • Adaptive graphics quality for smooth gameplay even on older devices

Suction Paint Labs is a completely free game. You can play offline, no wifi needed.

Start sucking, blasting, and mixing paint blocks to create matches today!

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