Website Builder and CMS

Website Builder and CMS

Easy to edit. Great SEO.

Website Builder

Key Features

  • Loads quickly
  • Easy to edit
  • Scales to high traffic efficiently
  • More secure against hackers than most popular CMS options
  • Supports SEO best practices
  • Uses Accessiblity best practices
  • Includes widgets like embedding YouTube videos and more

Content Management System

The website comes with a Content Management System (CMS) which makes editing and updating your pages as easy as typing in a text box.

Rather than tell you how easy it is: Check out the documentation

You can see the documentation for some of the available widgets here.

The website builder creates a site that loads for users incredibly quickly and is easy for you to edit! The website is more secure than many of the popular CMS providers because it is a static site

Technical Information

The website builder uses Svelte to template pages and the ElderJS static site generator to convert the templates and content into the actual website. The content is stored in markdown files and edited using CMS based on NetlifyCMS. Once ElderJS creates the static site, it is hosted on a Content Distribution Network (CDN) and can be served to users incredibly quickly. The website itself is a static site which means the CDN is the only server needed which helps keep hosting costs low and is more secure than sites that rely on a server hosting a database to handle user's queries.

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